Yes Greats

Yes Greats

The Greats is the board that really put YeS on the map. Its combination of freestyle agility and big mountain performance has made it a firm favourite for experienced riders who want a board that they can take anywhere on the mountain. Built around an advanced asymmetric twin tip shape, the Greats has all the balance that even the most technical rider could ever need, but, it's that asymmetric shape that really sets this board apart.

By increasing the depth of the heelside sidecut, the Greats offsets the biomechanical inefficiencies of the heelside turn to give a more responsive and balanced feel on both toe and heel edges. This turning response is then further improved with the 2/4/2 CamRock profile. This places a higher camber between the bindings giving the board more pop, whilst the low-rise rocker at the tip and tail creates a slightly looser freestyle feel and helps float in the deep stuff. Internally the Greats is built around a powerful and responsive full wood core.

This combines durable poplar with lightweight paulownia and powerful bamboo stringers to create a lightweight board that delivers a really poppy and dynamic ride. To this Yes then add Tri-Ax glass structural layers; this torsionally responsive glassfibre delivers one of the most responsive rides you can get in this type of board, giving you the confidence to push the board to the limit. New for 2017, YeS have added an additional carbon stringer running the length of the heelside edge. This works in harmony with the asymmetric shape, giving that extra bit of oomph to the heelside edge and stepping up that performance another notch.To finish off, YeS add a fast and tough sintered base.

This durable material gives a faster guide thanks to its increased wax retention whilst being more resistant to knocks and scratches.

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YES Greats.Uninc 156 2018 pattern Men

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£390.55 £489.25
YES Greats.Uninc 156 2018 pattern Men
Blue Tomato