Nitro Fate

Nitro Fate

The Fate is aimed at intermediate riders who are looking for a responsive yet easy going board for riding the whole mountain. Whether it's cruising the piste, hunting out powder stashes or even lapping the park, the Fate takes it all in its stride. Built around a versatile directional twin shape it delivers a balanced yet responsive ride no matter where you take it. The secret to the Fate's versatility though, is the combination of RoofChop camber and Dual Digressive side cut.

This low positive camber with a flat centre zone dissipates the rider's energy evenly along the edges. This works in harmony with the innovative sidecut shape to improve the edge hold, whilst still giving a slightly more playful and forgiving freestyle feel. Internally the Powerlite Poplar and Beech core is milled with the Reflex core profile, this creates a lively flex through the length but thanks to the Bi-Lite structural layers it does this without sacrificing any of the board's friendlier nature. The sintered HP base is both super fast and super tough.

Jib: 6 Park: 6 Carve: 7 Powder: 7 Performance: 7

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Nitro Fate 147 2018 pattern Women

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£338.01 £426.98
Nitro Fate 147 2018 pattern Women
Nitro Fate 150 2018 pattern Women
Blue Tomato
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